Conditions Of Hire

There Are Only A Few

  • Pets are welcome but must be kept on lead, be under control and must not foul the site. Please clear all mess up and dispose in black bin.
  • All waste must be put in black bin bags and left either in or on your wheelie bin. There are also recycling bins on site now for cardboard, cans and glass.
  • There is a decking area at the front of the club house where dogs and their owners can enjoy a drink or meal.
  • Pets not allowed in the bar area itself as they serve food and pool area (health and safety).
  • No parking on any road on the site unless displaying a valid disabled badge in the vehicle at all times. Please park as close to the verge as possible and mirrors should be turned in.
  • No caravans, boats, jet-skis or large trailers shall be brought onto the site.
  • Small trailers may only be parked in spaces designated for the purpose having first obtained the Company's permission.
  • No wheeled vehicles of any kind to be driven on the grass or kept behind chalets except for small disabled buggies.
  • No dustbins or other refuse containers to be placed on the site other than one wheelie-bin supplied by NNDC.
  • No rubbish or other waste to be placed outside chalets except in the designated wheelie-bin.
  • No furniture, appliances or building waste to be left outside chalets and no builder's skips to be placed on the site without the prior approval of the Company.
  • No barbecues or bonfires of any kind whatsoever. 
  • Chalets are non smoking.
  • If you do smoke outside the chalet, please put all cigarette butts in the receptacles provided or your own bins.
  • Please place litter in bins provided.
  • Do not dispose of nappies or other household items down toilets.
  • No speeding of vehicles, motorcycles or cycles particularly when entering and leaving the site.
  • Please observe speed limits displayed on the site.
  • Do not damage Company property.
  • We will prosecute any theft of Company property from the clubhouse, chalets or elsewhere on the site.
  • Holiday deposits are non-refundable.
  • The hirers are financially responsible for all breakages or damages to the chalet or its contents.
  • The hirers are financially responsible for any loss of chalet contents.
  • NorfolkDogHolidays.Com will not be responsible for any of the hirers belongings, whilst on the site.
  • The hirers will not sub-let, nor allow for residence, any extra visitors without the permission of NorfolkDogHolidays.Com
  • The bar and pool opening times are subject to change.
  • The pool is not attended by a lifeguard and NorfolkDogHolidays.Com takes no responsibility for any injuries to the hirers whilst in the pool or pool area.

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