Cancellation Policy

FREE Refund Cover

We are pleased to tell you that bookings of five nights or more made through NorfolkDogHolidays.Com qualify for FULL REFUND COVER for those resident in the UK.

If cancellation is caused through death, injury**, sickness**, or call to jury service of the hirer, or any close member of his/her family***, or any person registered with NorfolkDogHolidays.Com at the time of booking who is travelling within the same party, then NorfolkDogHolidays.Com undertakes to refund the amount paid  (less £50 non refundable deposit) on production of documentary proof showing cancellation is due to one of the above circumstances.

** The following are NOT covered by the cancellation policy: pregnancy or related illness, epidemic or pandemic.  Any medical condition or illness diagnosed or known about before, or at the time of, booking.  Any self-inflicted illness or injury.  Any illness or injury which, in the opinion of NorfolkDogHolidays.Com , is not serious enough to prevent the person taking the holiday.

*** Family comprises husband, wife and their children, long-term partner, father, mother, father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother and sister aged under 75 at the commencement of the holiday.

Please note the above cancellation refund plan does NOT cover any event where our obligations are prevented or affected by reason of force majeure.